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Haven’t logged on to share some art, so I thought I would come on and show what I been up to, let me know what you think!
(warning picture intensive post)
First some fan art,

MMX: Elysium
This idea came to me while I was playing Megaman X collections through out the past week. When I was little I LOVED Megaman so much (haha that has not changed). I used to say I was going to grow up to illustrate a Megaman game one day.
Who knows, may be one day I might get that chance?
I am currently working on another Megaman picture based on the MMZ story arc.
The most interesting part had to be recreating the MMX logo.

This one was done as a present for my friend’s birthday, he used to really be into Pokemon when he was younger and his favourite was Abra. It was kinda hard to find some reference material, but he better like it, lol even if it is 2 weeks late.

Evil Wizard: Rasputin
This picture was done for a ballet performance of Petrusca? Excuse if the spelling is wrong, the play was in Russian but at least I got my drawing on stage!

David and Mikey:
Done as a request, Emo boy and Indy boy.

Papasito morenito:
HEHEHE for the hell of it, self portrait!

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