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Awesome Gaia Online Opportunity for people in Alexandria, Virginia or Sunnyvale/San Jose, California

Hi there! I'm working with Gaia Online to find out YOUR opinions about the site. We are going to be holding LIVE, IN-PERSON discussion groups in Alexandria, Virginia on the afternoon/evening of November 28th and in the San Jose/Sunnyvale area on the afternoon/evening of November 29th.  You may have already heard about these groups because they have been mentioned on the Gaia homepage and in the recent email newsletter.

If you are from one of these two areas, please go to the corresponding site (listed below) and take our survey. If you're not from one of those two areas, I'm really sorry but we can't work with you right now.

I promise this is legit and the information is just for getting in touch with you for this one group. I'd prefer that you use the survey but if you really feel uncomfortable with this you can call me at 617-837-8179. If the survey site is down (it has maintenance scheduled for different points) you can either check back later or give me a call. Just make sure that you leave your name, age, location and phone number in the message

If you have any questions feel free to post them here and I'll check back in to answer them. Make sure you fill out the survey or call me soon as the groups are filling up fast!

Alexandria the survey is at: 
For San Jose/Sunnyvale the survey is at:

I can't wait to hear from you and start working on improving Gaia!!

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