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Ello to All!

Ello All,

I am Leokia on here and on gaia lol. It is nice to meet everyone. I wasn't sure when I started my livejournal if there were any people who also got on gaia. Now I see there are more people than I think that have a livejournal and a gaia account. This is my first time posting here because I don't get much time on the computer to post and stuff. So it is nice to meet everyone I hope to make a bunch of friends on here because that is my favorite thing lol.

I am a very nice person as you can tell I ramble a bit much but other than that I am nice lol. I write lol alot it is my most overused phrase on the computer so yeah. Anyways, nice to meet everyone and hope we all become friends.

Leokia ^-^
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